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New features in 7.0.1

Adobe just released an update to Captivate 7. There will be a lot of talk by the Mac-users because it will now again be functional on their updated ‘Maverick’ system. But there is a lot more added in this update. I was agreeably surprised to see some of my requested variables, commands and advanced action features added, and some lack of congruence in interactions solved as well. Sure, lot of other Captivate users will blog about their favorites, but what did you expect from me? Variables and Advanced Actions features of course :).

In Captivate 7.0 3 new system variables were added:

cpInfoCurrentDateStringDDMMYYYY : allowed to show the date in the in Europe usual DD/MM/YYYY format
cpInfoCurrentLocaleDateString: shows the date respecting the Settings of the local machine, for me ‘Zondag, 17 november 2013’;
this variable was not doing very well in the original 7-release but does now in 7.01
cpQuizInfoTotalUnansweredQuestions: returns number of unanswered questions in real Quiz only (not in Pretest)

In Captivate 7.01 we get another 4 new variables, all in the Quizzing category:

cpInReviewMode: a boolean (0/1) that will be toggled from the default 0 to 1 when user gets in Review mode; this long awaited and begged for variable can be very useful for actions that will show previously hidden objects (text, audio,…) when a question slide is entered in Review mode; up till now this was only possible by creating a user variable for that purpose.
cpQuizInfoPreTestMaxScore: returns the maximum score that can be obtained in the Pretest. The system variable cpQuizInfoTotalQuizPoints (=cpQuizInfoTotalProjectPoints) stores the sum of the total scores in pretest and normal question slides (value you can also find in the Advanced Interaction); the default score slide will show the results for the normal question slides, this […]

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Moving again!

Maybe you thought I was very quiet these last weeks, but I have been very busy. If you are used to visit my blog, you already know that I had to move urgently from Posterous that is closing down at the end of April. I found a temporary location at Posthaven, with a nice quick conversion for all my articles. That was a big relief. But I wanted more, being able to have not only my blog but also wanted to add links to the YouTube tutorials and other tutorials available in the Adobe Community Publishing and some more stuff. So for the first time in my digital life I started constructing a website at this URL. New blog posts will appear here, no longer on the Posthaven site. Slowly I will move all the articles, after editing/adapting for newer releases in case of the older ones to this site as well. New articles will only be found here.

I hope you’ll enjoy exploring the site, it is certainly not in its final layout because I cannot realize all my dreams at once. Really hope that I can have now more contacts with you as reader of this site. Be sure to leave some comment, or in case you want me to help with your projects, send me a contact request.

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