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Are you interested in developing themes tailored to your project using Adobe Captivate? Themes are instrumental in enhancing your project's aesthetics with harmonized colours, designed slide layouts, and fonts. They encompass object styles, fundamental slides, and default settings for software simulations. Let Lieve Weymeis, aka Lilybiri, assist you in leveraging Adobe Captivate's potential to craft visually striking themes.

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Developing themes using Adobe Captivate to match your brand’s aesthetic

Welcome to Adobe Captivate, the tool that transforms ordinary e-learning materials into immersive learning journeys. The key? Developing bespoke themes using Adobe Captivate that captivate the eyes and mind. Thanks to Adobe Captivate's comprehensive theme creation capabilities, you're in control of designing online courses that linger in memory. Within my foundational and advanced training sessions, you'll grasp how to harness Captivate's myriad features, exploring vibrant colour palettes, experimenting with fonts, and configuring layouts to resonate with your brand's essence. In my basic training, I delve deeper into these aspects and highlight the significance of theme development. I'll also introduce you to embedding new features into the software.




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Your Captivate themes act as the backdrop for interactive narratives, turning a standard e-learning module into an enthralling expedition. While some might perceive developing themes in Adobe Captivate as a superfluous endeavour, it's a game-changer in e-learning design. Allow me to elucidate the breadth of possibilities Adobe Captivate presents. For further details, fill out my contact form. Eager for more insights from a Captivate expert? Visit my blog, where I elucidate diverse subjects, guiding you through each phase.